Shane wants to thank all of these people that have helped him in some way or
another.  We greatly appreciate their time and effort.
Thanks to my two boys Brady and Chase.  They make a lot of
sacrifices and are not always there to see the rewards.

Mom and Dad who also sacrifice a lot to help me continue to do this.  
No one works harder than Dad to put a competitive car on the track
yet he never complains when his driver makes a mistake.  Mom who
After 40 plus years certainly must be tired of the late nights and race

Thanks to my Sister Shannon and Brother Shawn and their families.  
They support us and schedule parties and get togethers' around
racing.  Thanks to Shawn and his Shawn's Autographics for the
artistic work he has done on my helmets in the past.

Crew members and helpers
Derrick Davis, His hard work and dedication is unsurpassed.  Derrick
and his son Ethan have jumped in and helped even when Shane was
sick or out of town.  
Mike Harmon, or crazy Mike as Shane's boys call him.  Your years of
work are greatly appreciated.  
Thanks for the photos
Dr G photo
Mark Meifert
Al consoli
Hirsch Photos
Tom Fenos
J.T. Lefever
Fultz photos
Eric Arnett
Thanks to the following companies
Wendy's restaurants
Sardinia Concrete
Tom Hoffman construction
R/c Cola
Afco racing products
Gaerte fuel systems
Falcon racing wheels
Thanks To Carrol Gompf for all your support.  I always appreciate you just being in our corner.  It seems like a couple of
times we have been in a tough spot or really struggling and you offer a smile and a handshake with some money in it to
get  the crew some dinner or to buy a tire.  Thank you and R.I.P.
Thanks to the Kenneda's For letting me hang around when I was younger and Dad was driving your
cars.  Even though I was mostly in the way you guys made me feel like part of the team.
Thanks to Jim O'toole for the many rides to the races when there was not room with Dad or he wasn't racing.
Thanks to our very own video camera man Ken  You will be missed
Thanks to all of our friends.  I know we
our forgetting people. So continue to
check back as we add names.

Bob Blair
Kevin Blair
Bill Blair
Nick Longano
Bill Idlett
Sham Kiser
Dan Shaw
Mike O'toole
Team Besecker
Gene Webber
Jody Shannon
Joey Stricker
Hoffman auto racing
Paul Elbisser
Steve Boller