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Mugavin Auto Body Celebrates 40 Years of Quality
Contributed By Sheena Mugavin
Friday, March 20, 2009

GLEN ESTE:This year marks the 40th anniversary of family owned and operated John Mugavin Auto Body, still
in the original location at 1089 Old State Route 74. Mugavin was born an automotive enthusiast, tinkering with
cars whenever he had the chance. He started his business in 1969 as the only employee, with a closet for an
office and two garage bays. Over the years, the business has grown and expanded; Mugavin Auto Body now
includes six employees, room inside for eight cars, and has become known far and wide for excellent work and
attention to detail.

James O’Toole has been with the company for 37 years. He often rode his bicycle around the neighborhood as
a youth, and would stop by Mugavin’s business to hang out. O’Toole took auto body at the West Clermont
Career Center and started working at John Mugavin Auto Body after graduating; he has a reputation for
producing quality work and is considered a member of the Mugavin family, not just an employee.

Shawn Mugavin, John’s son, also hung around John Mugavin Auto Body as a kid. John says his oldest son
began working with him at age six. Shawn used to get into trouble at school for drawing when he was supposed
to be doing schoolwork, but his artistic talent is now put to good use, as Shawn is an excellent collision
specialist as well as a custom automotive and motorcycle artist.

Cory Mugavin, Shawn’s Son and John’s Grandson, was born around all sorts of cars: antiques, hot rods, race
cars, daily drivers, and fixer-uppers, and it comes as no surprise that Cory shares the same passion as his
father and grandfather. As soon as modern child labor laws permitted, Cory started working with his father and
grandfather a few days a week after school, and he became a full-time staff member soon after graduating from
Glen Este High School in 2006. He acquired his knowledge and skills from watching his family work.

Bryan Morris began working at John Mugavin Auto Body soon after finishing training in automotive collision
technology at Live Oaks five years ago. Morris is a valuable addition to the staff, and his youth and skill help
ensure that Mugavin Auto Body will continue to produce quality collision repairs for many years to come.

Shannon Mugavin, John’s Daughter, also grew up hanging around the family business, and has helped out in
the office by doing filing and paying bills. In 1993 she took on a larger role in the business and began to do all
of the bookkeeping for Mugavin Auto Body.

Poncho, the five-year-old four-legged furry security system, has been hanging around since he was 8 weeks
old; he is always ready to greet customers or visitors and show off his many tricks—especially if treats are

Though the full-time staff at John Mugavin Auto Body has seen few changes over the years, John Mugavin has
mentored many young men interested in the field of automotive body and collision repair. When John is not at
work, he is participating in various aspects of auto racing and aviation. He has been involved in local dirt-track
racing for years—as a champion driver and later as the owner of the car that his youngest son, Shane, raced.
Mugavin also enjoys flying his small plane out of the Clermont County Airport to get a birds-eye view of the

Looking back at 40 years in the automotive collision repair business, Mugavin says things have changed a lot in
40 years, particularly the “the complexity of the cars and repairs…A chrome bumper that was held on with four
bolts is now a plastic bumper with 20 bolts and clips. A headlamp with a burned-out bulb could be fixed by
simply replacing the bulb, but now some cars require the whole headlamp assembly to be replaced.” Mugavin
also points out that paint systems have changed, one large change was the elimination of lacquer-based
paints, and of course, the cost of paint and parts continues to climb. Perhaps the largest change for Mugavin
was making the business computerized—he held out until 1994 to make the change.

Times have since John Mugavin opened his business four decades ago, but much has remained the same.
Mugavin continues to work on cars, he still treats his customers like neighbors and friends—its tough to find a
person in the community who hasn’t met John Mugavin, and he is active in the community and the St. Veronica
Parish in Mt. Carmel. John Mugavin Auto Body is still thriving after 40 years, thanks to the hard work and
dedication of the staff, and John Mugavin’s concern for customers, employees, and friends who have helped
Mugavin Auto Body reach this milestone.
The talented staff of John Mugavin Auto Body.
Standing left to right: John Mugavin, Shawn Mugavin,
Cory Mugavin, Bryan Morris, James O’Toole,
Shannon Mugavin;
front row: Poncho
FALL 2013